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IWLA 2022 Conference Speaker: 

Dr. Florencia Henshaw

Dr. Florencia Henshaw has a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she is the Director of Advanced Spanish. She is an award-winning educator who has published and presented nationally and internationally on technology integration, heritage language instruction, and proficiency-based pedagogy. Dr. Henshaw is as passionate about helping students develop communicative ability in the target language, as she is about helping teachers make the connection between what we know and what we do. To that end, she launched a YouTube channel and podcast called "Unpacking Language Pedagogy," where she discusses key terms, research articles, and activities. Her new co-authored book, "Common Ground: Second Language Acquisition Theory goes to the Classroom," also aims to help educators visualize how to put principles into action.

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