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2022 IWLA Educator of the Year for the Secondary Level

17 Feb 2023 9:48 PM | Kristine "Sunnie" Jimenez

Ankeny, IA—The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) is pleased to announce the 2022 IWLA Educator of the Year for the Secondary Level has been awarded to Melina Mena-Davis, a Spanish teacher at Northwest High School in Waukee, Iowa. The Educator of the Year Award is designed to recognize teachers who exemplify the best in teaching at their particular level, who demonstrate involvement in the Iowa World Language Association, and who provide evidence of leadership and contributions to the field of world language education. The award presentation was held during the 2022 Iowa World Language Association Annual Conference luncheon at the Des Moines Area Community College campus in Ankeny, Iowa on Saturday October 1, 2022.

Ms. Mena-Davis can often be found in her classroom after contract hours. She is committed to creating current practice curriculum resources, lending a hand to novice teachers and giving supplemental instruction to students. Many students and staff have benefitted from the commitment she has to her work. She is dedicated to her craft and a growth and proficiency mindset. Her administrator said “she is not only a teacher-leader in her classroom, but she is also at the forefront of leadership in the World Language department at her school and in her district. She has the experience, the knowledge and courage to guide any school towards excellence.” Ms. Mena-Davis provides constant opportunities for her students to reflect, monitor their progress and set goals for themselves. She models a growth mindset. She has an energy that is contagious and her positivity creates an environment where mistakes are valued for the opportunity they provide. Everyday Ms. Mena-Davis shows her students they are capable. She presents her classes with wonderful culture through music, novels and current events. During this instruction the language is always kept at the forefront. Melina Mena-Davis is very deserving recipient of this award.

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