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The Iowa World Language Competencies

The Iowa World Language Competencies were adopted by the IWLA Executive Board on Saturday, July 9th, 2016.  The competencies were created after many years of work by many educators both from within and outside of Iowa. The competencies are meant to serve as a support, resource, and guide for world language educators at all levels in the state of Iowa and beyond.  The first version covers Spanish, French and German and offer guidance for levels 1-5.  The five levels outlined in this document are appropriate for middle and/or high school world language programs in which the students are native English speakers.  Future versions of the Iowa World Language Competencies will expand beyond these areas, and we encourage teachers who teach in different contexts (like elementary programs) or with learners of different backgrounds (like heritage learners) to modify this version of the Competencies as appropriate. 

Click here to view the IWLA WL Competencies

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