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IWLA is led by the Executive Board, which is comprised of seven members. Please contact any of us with questions or concerns! The Executive Board meets several times per year to discuss updates, advice, etc. regarding world langugage related matters in the state of Iowa.  

The Advisory Council consists of a variety of stake holders in world language education in our state.  The Advisory Council meets with the Executive Board in the Spring and Fall in order to discuss the state of world language education in our state.  

Executive Board 2022-2023:

Past President / Conference Coordinator:

Christina Cortez (Bio)

Denver Community School District


Kristine Jimenez

Waukee Community School District

iwlapresident at gmail dot com

President Elect

Rachel Martin

iwlapresidentelect at gmail dot com

Vice President

Stacy Amling

iwla.vicepresident at gmail dot com


Christine McCormick

Waukee Community School District

iwlatreasurer at gmail dot com


Melissa Newell (Bio)

Van Meter Community School District

iwlasecretary at gmail dot com

Professional Development Chair:

Trisha Niceswanger

iwla.profdevel at gmail dot com

IWLA Advisory Council:

American Sign Language: vacant

AATF President: Lori Rezek

AATG President: Bruce Nottingham-Spencer

AATSP President: Charlie Nagle

Dual Language/ Immersion programs: Reba Massey

ELL/ESL: Judith Strotman & Tiffany Landrum

Japanese Association (JLCTIA): Dan Carolin

AMICI: Daniel Stoa

Chinese: Christopher Dusek & Jing Gao

ACTFL Representative: Stacy Amling

Central States Representative: Carrie Morris, Christine McCormick, Stacy Amling

Community College Representative: Stacy Amling

Public University Representative: Pamela Wesely

Private College Representative: Amy Schumann

FLES/NELL Representative: Cammy Newton

Jr. High/Middle School Representative: Danielle Taha

IWLA Registration Chairperson: Laura Catherine Carruthers-Green

IWLA Conference Program Chairperson: Laura Catherine Carruthers-Green

Assistant IWLA Conference Program Chairperson: vacant

IWLA Social Media & Historian/Archivist: Allison Wienhold

For website related matters, please contact 

our President (who is also our Social Media & Historian) Elizabeth Dentlinger.  

To suggest information for our our email blast, 

please contact our Secretary Melissa Newell.


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