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IWLA Leadership Opportunities

Have you considered getting more involved with IWLA in a formal leadership capacity? Doing so can be a great way to expand your professional circle and support world languages in a different way beyond your classroom. IWLA has both an Advisory Council and an Executive Board with many opportunities for you.

The IWLA Advisory Council includes representatives from Iowa world language constituent groups (AATs, representatives from instructional levels, etc.) who are appointed by their respective groups or the Executive Board. The Advisory Council meets twice a year (Spring and Fall) to help with communication across the state.

The Executive Board consists of seven members, elected by a vote at the fall conference. The Vice President serves a four-year cycle continuing as President Elect, President and Past President. Each position during the 4-year term includes an increasing range of responsibilities. The Executive Board meets 5-6 times a year, with most meetings (either virtual or face-to-face, as needed) on Saturdays at agreed-upon locations determined by current Board members.  You can find more detailed descriptions of the roles here

If you are interested in more information or about getting involved, please contact our current President

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