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"Membership" and Member Benefits


We are a progressive organization that is flexible enough to change with the times and to adapt to the needs of Iowa teachers.

We all know that Iowa schools have been hit hard with budget and staff reductions. In fact, we have seen many school districts cut programs in their world language curriculum. We realize that many districts, in an effort to save money, are eliminating professional development by denying time and money for teachers to attend conferences.
The Board felt it was time to adopt the “big tent” policy...and officially recognize there is room enough in our organization for ALL Iowa world language teachers.

As such,
the Iowa World Language Association's Executive Board voted to suspend "membership dues" to our organization, beginning September 1, 2010. 


So what does this all mean? You are granted status as a “member” of the Iowa World Language Association if you so wish it. Simply put, the cost you will now be charged to attend the Conference will include the amount of money we need to put on the conference and to fund our organization; no part of this will be designated as “membership dues.”

By choosing to participate in IWLA, you are eligible for all of the benefits of membership, both tangible (conference attendance and presentations or applying for grants & awards) and intangible (professional networking and discipline-specific professional development).

Since IWLA maintains a constantly-evolving website and a presence on social media, information is now available to anyone who wants access. We do not have to rely on sending out a newsletter by mail to members. During the summer of 2009, a comprehensive email list of over 1200 world language teachers in Iowa was compiled; this has proved to be a vital tool in our efforts to increase communication with ALL world language teachers in Iowa. Now, everyone receives updates, registration forms, and calls for advocacy.

The Board of the Iowa World Language Association believes we offer the BEST conference for creating opportunities and finding resources for practicing teachers to update their skills and improve their teaching and for encouraging the use of new teaching methodologies and technologies in language education.


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