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Priority Deadline is August 24th but we encourage submissions before that.

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Looking for:

  • Sample Lesson Teaching: Come teach a first week of school lesson in your language on Friday night! Help teachers feel like students and grow their language skills. lesson are approximately 35 minutes with 10 minutes for questions
  • Classroom Basics: Classroom management wins and losses, Grading practices, Staying in the target language, Inclusive learning environments, Working with students with different abilities
  • Program Development: Seal of Biliteracy growth, Advocating for program needs, Determining program needs, Equity audits for content and enrollment, Retaining program enrollment, Using ACTFL, Language testing, ELL/ESL program models, Native language teaching approaches, Dual Language and Immersion programs prek-12
  • Research: Language acquisition for ELL/ESL, Effective teaching practices, Trends and data of your school's program

The possibilities are endless!

Last updated 7/17/22

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