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If you are a world language teacher in the state of Iowa who is looking for a job, please take a moment to browse through these listings.  You can also find postings at where schools are legally required to post all available positions. 


This service is intended to help Iowa schools and teachers advertise and to find positions at any level (elementary, middle school, secondary, or post-secondary) in the state of Iowa. Submissions (made as blog posts) may be made by individual teachers, school administrators, or human resource officers, but this person or school must be registered as a "Member" on our website to do so (Click the Membership tab at left). In the space below please describe the position using the exact wording you would like published. Be sure to include: title, FTE, location, duties, application deadline, contact information, as well as any other information an applicant may find useful.

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  • 18 Sep 2022 8:27 AM | Melissa Newell (Administrator)

    Prairie Ridge Middle School has a second semester opening for a Spanish or French position. Current staff can teach both languages so we have flexibility.  We would love to fill the position with someone permanently but It can also be filled as a long term substitute position with someone who has  a teaching license and basic language skills in one of the languages. It is a 9 week 6th and 7th grade exploratory class. Position is posted on the Ankeny School website.

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