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Stop sequestration of funds by Congress - Please read and take action if you can

04 Feb 2013 5:19 PM | Carrie Morris

ACTFL has been in touch with state advocacy teams and has asked us to pass on the following message.  I hope that you can read the following message and help take action!


Dear fellow language advocate:

As you may know, “sequestration” (an across-the-board spending cut to all discretionary federal programs) is set to go into effect on March 1st of this year. If nothing happens to prevent it, large cuts to Title I and IDEA will go into effect, meaning jobs and services lost. Important language programs, such as the K-12 Language Flagship initiative and STARTALK, will also experience significant cuts if sequestration is not prevented. Furthermore, if elected officials agree to spending cuts that avert sequestration, there will still be winners and losers. Now is the time for language advocates to speak up – in an effort to protect critical programs.

ACTFL, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, is leading an advocacy effort to prevent these cuts. Please join me TODAY in sending a message to your senators and representative telling them that funding for language and education programs are important to the future of our country! It will only take a few minutes – click here to make your voice heard.

Go to ACTFL’s site and “take action” on the sequestration alert at

Thank you!


Martha G. Abbott

Executive Director

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