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Press Release for IWLA 2015 Distinguished Service Award Winner

10 Oct 2015 11:00 AM | Jason Noble


Des Moines, IA—The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) is pleased to announce the 2015 Distinguished Service Educator has been awarded to Larry Pace, a Spanish language teacher for 41 years, with the last 38 at Colfax-Mingo High School in Colfax, IA. The award presentation was held during the Luncheon of the 2015 Iowa World Language Association Annual Conference at the Downtown Mariott in Des Moines, IA on Friday, October 9th.

In addition to teaching, Larry has taken his students, and many parents, on 25 trips to places like: Guatemala, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, English, South Africa, Peru, Belize, and the Galapagos Islands. Larry received the IWLA Secondary Teacher of the Year in 1998, the ISEA Excellence in Education Award in 1999, and the Golden Apple Award from WHO TV13 in 2007. Larry recently said, “I continue to teach because I am still learning with my students about the ever-changing world and about myself.” A colleague described him as, “One of the great lights in the history of world languages education in this state.” IWLA would like to congratulate Larry as the 2015 IWLA Distinguished Service Educator.”

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