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Press Release for the IWLA's 2018 Teacher of Promise Katelyn Pletcher

15 Oct 2018 8:58 PM | Elizabeth Dentlinger

Ankeny, IA - The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Teacher of Promise Award has been awarded to Katelyn Pletcher, a French language teacher at Troy Buchanan High School in Troy, Missouri. The award presentation was held during the luncheon of the 2018 Iowa World Language Association’s annual fall conference at the DMACC Ankeny Campus in Ankeny, Iowa on Saturday, October 13th, 2018. Although Katelyn now teachers in Missouri, her teacher training program at the University of Iowa is what helped her become the teacher she is today. She is described as “an energetic, engaged, clever individual who truly cares about connecting with students.” The teacher herself shared many anecdotes in her essay about students with difficult situations at home or with family and friends, but always stressed the importance of connecting to her students and trying to build a relationship with them. Please join us in congratulating Katelyn as the 2018 IWLA Teacher of Promise!

To view the official press release, please click here.

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