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14 Jan 2013 9:37 PM | Kimberly Huegerich
Students walk into class on test day and ask what we're doing today.  You want to scream!

This year I have started using to help students and parents stay on top of assignment deadlines.  This is also a great way to communicate other class information, such as reminders about activities, changes in schedules, late starts, and other school-related information.  This is a texting service that students (and parents) choose to sign up for and the teacher sends out messages via the web.  One message and everyone on the list is informed!  It's completely free and no limit on the number of texts.  The students don't see your personal number and you don't see theirs.  Messages can also be scheduled to send at a later day or time.   Check out this link for more information.


  • 15 Jan 2013 3:13 PM | Carrie Morris
    This is really neat--I could definitely see myself using this. Thanks, Kim!
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