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Teaching Culture- Pinterest Style

22 Jan 2013 2:06 PM | Kat Akers
I have tried to incorporate a new, yet exciting, way to increase awareness of culture in my classroom. It has worked out well so far, but is still in progress. 

I have created a new area in my classroom that is dedicated to culture. This month it is "Cultura de España~ Pinterest Style."

 I created a board on my own personal Pinterest that includes all things cultural about Spain that I could find. I caught myself overwhelmed in it for over an hour! I figured if I was so addicted to this application as many others were, including some of my students, maybe it would be a way to get them excited about it too. 

I had the kids do the research and find the pictures to go along with it. I had them share their findings and post them to the 'Classroom Board.' They are still working on these and each level will have a different tasks assigned with their grammar and vocabulary included. 

I am sure there are so many ways to make Pinterest work for you! 
Happy Pinning! 
Kat Akers


  • 28 Jan 2013 2:37 PM | Kat Akers

    As requested, this is the link to my personal pinterest page about Spain. You can get an idea from this on what items you want to cover and then have the kids create their own. I did mine on a regular document and then the kids printed them and we put them on the wall. Now we have a wall covered in Spain Culture!

    If you don't have pinterest already, you might have to create your own account to view my board.

    Good Luck!
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